Most Preferred Cars at St Barth Car Rental Service

St Barts, with its diverse terrains and scenic routes, calls for a vehicle that complements your journey. At Hertz, we offer a range of vehicles, each tailored for specific needs:

For those who prefer compact efficiency, our Kia models are a perfect match. These 5-door/5 passenger vehicles are ideal for navigating the charming streets of Barthelemy, ensuring you travel in comfort without compromising on style.

For the traveler looking to soak in the sun and the beauty of St Barts, our Mini Countryman is the go-to choice. This convertible, with its electric roof, promises an immersive experience, letting you truly become one with the island’s beauty.

Adventure enthusiasts often gravitate towards our Daihatsu Terios and Suzuki Vitara models. Designed for rugged terrains, these vehicles offer great road adherence, ensuring your adventurous escapades are smooth and safe.

Of course, for those who seek opulence in every journey, our fleet boasts premium brands like Renault and Zoe. These vehicles come equipped with modern amenities, ensuring every drive is a luxurious experience.

In essence, no matter your preference or purpose of travel, Hertz ensures you have the perfect vehicle waiting for you.


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